martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

The cat and the dog

Once upon a time there was a school of animals in the light road. One day, while the cat was drawing, the cat was dancing. In its school bag there was some food to eat, because it was very thin. The cat was thin because in its house it doesn't eat, so the dog was tall and fat. It worked writing for a magazine. The cat didn't work because it was very silly but it liked write books. The cat stole to eat. One day the cat was stealing in a house and the owners had a huge dog. The cat scaped of the dog but it crashed with a iron plank.
The cat died and the dog sculpted a golden statue.

By: Manuel Murcia Carrión
Alberto García Carrillo
Daniel Cano Galera
Jose Ramón Cañadas Hernández

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  1. Manuel el texto no me llegó cuando me lo mandastes, lo he posteado lo más rápido que he podido en cuánto me a llegado tu mensaje.