jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

The golden poo.

Once upon a time, there wars a tall, intelligent and beautiful

Once upon a time, there wars a tall, intelligent and beautiful kid called Bernard. One day, while he was sleeping, he had a dream. He liked drawing very much. He took a piece of paper and he draw a horse. Then, the horse came to life. It was made of iron. After that, the horse made a golden poo.

Bernard knew the gold is very expensive, so he took the poo and continued drawing horses to take their poo. He drawed four horses, but they came from hell and wanted to kill Bernard, so he rode the iron horse and ran away.

He ran along the road, but it ended in a beach. The horse was very tired, so Bernard swam along the beach.

After a few minutes, he got tired, so he grabbed a big plank. Unfortunately, the horses from hell could swim, and they killed Bernard.

Ten days after, the police found Bernard dead and the golden poo in the sea. In his honour, they sculpted a statue of Bernard with the gold of the poo, but someone stole it.

By Ángel Lara, Pedro Gallego, Maria Jesús Pozo and Celia Masegosa.

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  1. Muy Buena la historia... Muy imaginativa teniendo en cuenta que algunas de las palabras que teníais que usar eran difíciles de verdad.
    De todos modos, cuidado con el verbo DRAW que es irregular.